Welcome to our site! This is the home of Big Hat Gaming, the brain-child of two brothers that grew up loving video games. Our goal is to create games that we would like to play, and hopefully you will too.

Featured Game: Odin’s Eye

Odin’s Eye

In this game, the player is a pacifist who has been charged by their people to retrieve a holy relic, Odin’s Eye. They must use their sponge gun to sneak past the dwarves who have stolen the relic. Some guards are vigilant in their task, while others are lazy and drunk.

The player progresses through four levels to rescue Odin’s Eye. Each one is set in a different environment and presents a new type of guard to bypass. Some guards just stand around doing nothing, waiting for the player to walk in front of them. Others lay on the ground and hide to surprise the player from behind a rock or tree.

Featured Asset Pack: Knick-Knacks


The asset pack planned for release in the near future is “Knick Knacks” and features assets that can be used to fill out a scene or portion of a level with small items to bring a sense of realism.



Big Hat Gaming is the brain-child of two brothers that grew up on video games. The idea that we could actually make video games at some point would have seemed like a dream to two young boys marveling at early side scrollers.

BigHatGaming.com began in 2013 as a place to sell old Magic: The Gathering™ cards from our collection, but that really wasn’t going anywhere. When we discovered that we could use the Unreal Engine to make games, we knew that was what we wanted to do.