A Long Overdue Update

Real life has a way of creeping into every project, and this project isn’t immune by any means. A large scale, time sensitive issue came up and consumed several months of time that was meant for development of the game. I am happy to say that I can finally turn by attention back to working on At the Crossroads.

I have been outlining the individual plot lines, as there is one for each region of the game, and that is where most of my efforts are being directed towards. Because I haven’t spent years studying writing, this has been a challenging task. However, I am beginning to make reasonable progress again. There just isn’t much that can be commented on here, and there are no screenshots to share. This is one of the main reasons for the very long delay between this post and the last one.

The site isn’t dead, nor is the project. It’s just that life happened, and there was no way around that. Anyway, I hope that anyone reading this has a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

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