This asset pack will feature objects that have been chosen to provide a wide range of items that can be used to finish off a scene or portion of a level. One of the hardest parts of level design is making a space feel real. Part of this is to make the scene appear lived in by real people. People collect all kinds of things; some things small, others large. There will be items more suited towards building a room or area for a female, and there will be items for a more masculine owner. Other items will be generic in nature and could be used for anyone.

The idea for this asset pack came when we were building the third level to Odin’s Eye. There was so much space to fill and the need for a wide variety of items was clear. While we were able to add some small personal effects to the various rooms, it was a challenge to make the space feel truly lived in.

Items in this pack will either come from photogrammetry scans of real objects, or they will be modeled, sculpted and textured by hand. Where photogrammetry can be used, it will be. But beware of packs that are filled with photogrammetric objects. Most sculptures and other works of art are covered under copyright laws even if they do not display the copyright symbol (see below for more information). Most items in the pack will be created by hand, as it can be very difficult to find the copyright holder…let alone license the art.

Copyright concerns

In the image above, all of the objects were from photgrammetry scans, with a great deal of clean-up required. Of the four, three have no makers mark or copyright holders information. Consequently, it is impossible for us to actually contact the copyright holder to either obtain permission or negotiate a license of some sort. The fourth object, the Gollum statuette done by Mike Makras in 1978, is likely illegal as he apparently didn’t get permission or licensing rights for the likenesses that he used. All four objects could lead to copyright infringement claims and are therefore unusable and will not be included in any asset packs.

So, the items pictured are being displayed both to show the level of quality that will be in the asset pack and as a commentary example of what you must watch out for. We scanned these without prior knowledge of copyright laws being applicable to sculptures as well as written art. They look great and would really help to finish off a scene, selling the idea that a real person lives in that space. Items like these might sell you on an asset pack, but cost you in legal fees later. Buyer beware.

All of the assets in this, as well as any other pack we produce, will be safe to use without fear of copyright infringement issues.