Trello Board

To try to organize this project more, we have created a Trello board. Being new to formal project management software, and its philosophies, I didn’t follow the standard practices of using a system like Trello. So, if the structure of the board changes dramatically from one viewing to another, it is because I finally got around to re-organizing it to follow proper project management practices.

But, this has helped immensely in organizing the steps required to get the work done. This forces you to think through all of the steps required for the project. Some aspects of game development may not be as familiar to you…I know that there is a lot that I have little experience with. This makes you really think about what is going to be required to complete the project. While this may sound boring at first, it was (and is) exciting to me. I really got a better sense of what it was going to take to make this happen.

On top of organization, it really helps in terms of motivation. The project doesn’t feel so overwhelming when it is broken down into smaller steps. These steps can be completed within a day or two, giving a real sense of accomplishment and progress.

If you haven’t tried Trello, or a similar system, give it a try. It’s free for personal use (which is what this board actually is). But, make sure to do a little bit of research on the various approaches used in project management. It can save you a bit of time. Trello seems to be very straight forward and has the tools to help organize any project. If not Trello, than any project management system would be helpful.

By the way, this post was NOT sponsored by Trello. I just think this is a really nice system that is easy to use.

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