New Game in the Works

We have been looking at the options for registering as a business to sell assets on the Epic Marketplace, as well as possibly some games that are to come in the future. But, while we have been doing that, we have begun the work on a new game.

This new game will feature a cute little Capuchin monkey, which I have come to think of as ‘Suzy Q’ for some reason. Work has begun on Suzy and can be seen in the screenshot featured in this post. The image shows Suzy without her fur, so the exaggerated muscle fibers can be seen right now. We plan on utilizing UE4’s new hair and fur system instead of traditional hair cards.

Some subsurface scatter was added to give her skin a more skin-like appearance, but Blender materials do not translate to Unreal Engine so this isn’t what she will look like. Texturing hasn’t been started, which is why her skin looks so artificially uniform in color. But she is well on her way to running around and having a good time with some players!

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