Integrating KnickKnack into UE4

The work has begun on integrating the assets that have been created into UE4. UE4’s render engine seems to be less forgiving than the one used in Substance Painter, and as a result, several objects have had extensive UV rework done to them. The Chinese Farmers are among the worst culprits in this regard, with them needing the entire model to be rebuilt and new UVs applied. Oh well, so it goes.

In the image above, you can see some of the assets that are completely done. The snow globes are also done and integrated, complete with scripts so that the snow flies around when you interact with it. These are not in this shot, of course. The hanging foot dolls were the most challenging, but are also among the best assets in the entire pack. The legs use a spline to tell UE4 where to draw the legs, and the geometry for the legs are spline mesh components. It is a great system in UE4 and we plan on using this technique a lot.

The assets will all have clean and dusty variants to them. In the image, the nesting dolls are shown only with the clean versions but there will be dusty ones as well.